Admission Criteria

Aoi Pui School

Admission Criteria

The whole admission journey aims to help you to explore if Aoi Pui School is the right fit for your child and family. Parents are most welcome to write to us at with any questions.

1. School Readiness

Able to adhere to simple directions

Able to control behavior to adhere to school regulations

Does not engage in aggressive or very harmful self-harming behaviors

2. Language

Process using your already-existing, simple vocabulary

Able to ask for things on the spur of the moment and comprehend simple queries

3. Play and Leisure Skills

Able to demonstrate interest in different playthings

Capable of participating in a range of instructional activities

4. Self-Care

Capable of managing eating, dressing, and using the restroom on one’s own

Able to independently follow simple instructions

Applications of children who lack the abovementioned criteria and require extra support will also be considered. Please approach us at for more details.

Applications are being accepted!

Application Procedure

We provide rolling admissions throughout the year. Contact the school today for a tour and application. An assessment will be scheduled and enrolment can begin soon after pending space in the student’s grade level.


Please register for a parent information session online. The information session will be led by Mr. Keith Lee, the school principal, to let you learn more about Aoi Pui School.


Send in a full application form and all the essential paperwork to process your admission. There will be an application fee that is non-refundable.


For evaluation purposes, a trial lesson will be planned, led by the school principal and classroom consultants. After the trial lesson, the parents will receive the results in around 2 weeks.


Qualified candidates will need to secure the placement with a one-month deposit (equivalent to one month's tuition) and the first month's tuition up front.

Aoi Pui School

Tuition Fee

The tuition for the academic year 2022–2023 is HK$24,000 per month, payable in 12 equal payments.

There is no need for a capital levy or debenture. Other costs may apply depending on the school’s program, which may include outings, extracurricular activities, etc. Families will be informed in advance of any pertinent information. During enrolling, details about uniform and transportation services will also be provided.

For withdrawal from Aoi Pui School, the school principal must receive written notification at least two months in advance.

Aoi Pui School

Visit us

One of the few schools in Hong Kong specifically designed for students with ASD is the Aoi Pui School. Join our parent information session or contact us if you’re interested in discovering how Aoi Pui School can improve your child’s learning abilities and help them develop as a result.